Box 5s: Our Top 5 Items for Spring!

Spring is here and the time has come for all of us to get ready for the spring marching band workshops! Here at M.A.M., we've pulled some of our favorite items to get you stepping off on the right foot.


#5: Nerd Snapback Hat - $25

Why does the word "Nerd" have to be a bad thing? I don't know any pageantry member who would be necessarily insulted by being called a nerd. So let's live life loud and wear it on our heads! Yeah, marching band is for nerds. And the nerds are taking over.


#4: Marching Burgers Champion Fanny Pack - $35

We all need a little pack when we're in those days of spring training. Wether it be for your dot book, or for a chapstick, or of that cell phone you aren't supposed to have, these fanny packs are amazing! Champion brand quality built to last, these things can take a BEATING.


#3: Zombie Drum Major Unisex Tank Top - $25

We're gonna have to start slogging through those long, hot days of spring training with the sun barreling down so why not do it in style! This unique design, created by an independent designer in New York who usually works exclusively with independent music artists, created a PHENOMENAL line of designs that really stand out. I bet you anything you can find his designs in our line-up.


#2: I'm With The Band Marching Band Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt - $20

When setting out to create our catalogue, I was very clear about one thing: I want some to have a vintage feel. I absolutely love that 70s aesthetic, especially when it comes to clothing and merch. This one in particular I completely love. From the colors, to the text, to the way that the marching member has that 1970s DCI vibe. And it comes in FOUR different colors so there really is an option for anyone.


#1: Retro Music Marching Band Unisex Sweatshirt - $35

And to the surprise of basically nobody, our #1 item for spring is a sweater!!! Woooooo! If you follow us on instagram (@marchingartsmerch) you'll know what there is nothing on the planet I love more than our sweaters. I literally wear them *checks notes* EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and this spring will be no exception. Comfy enough to keep you cozy on a brisk spring night but light enough to be worn during the day, they really are amazing. And the Retro Music design is easily one of my favorites. But truly, you won't regret picking up any of these.


And that's that! Our Box 5 for spring. What about you? Comment below what are you picking up for spring this year? Is there anything we missed? And let us know if there is something you wish we had but maybe we haven't thought of it!

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