Box 5s: Tank Tops for Summer!

The summer has arrived! And so has the heat.... To get ready for the summer rehearsals under the hot, hot sun we've pulled our Box 5 Tank Tops to get your summer off on the right foot. Whether its just for you or a group order for a section shirt, we have you covered. Well, mostly covered. The whole point of a tank top is it doesn't have sleeves so I guess part of you won't be covered. But that's the point, right?


Band Circles Unisex Tank Top - $25

One of the main objectives here is to create designs that can be worn out and about without screaming “OH HI HEY HELLO I AM IN MARCHING BAND ASK ME HOW” and that’s what drew me to the design in the first place. I had this general concept of simple geometry and worked with one of our designers to create our “Band Circles” design originally conceived around the Circle K design so many of us saw dotted all over the country while marching. It comes in four colors of tank top but my personal favorites for this one are the black and white.


Have Guard Unisex Tank Top - $25

I mean, who doesn’t love “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. And for those of you currently in high school marching band, Cyndi Lauper was probably one of your mom’s favorite singers. Or even I guess maybe your grandma (am I old?). In a classic cotton, this is just a fun design to wear at rehearsals. Or even better, do a group order for your guard and have a fun new section tank to wear for band camp!


Para Cruz Unisex Tank Top - $25

I feel like I can’t possibly release a Box 5 without including the “Para Cruz” design. Here’s the deal, this is the #1 selling design across the entire site. Not even the guard version of this design comes close (in spite of the fact that the majority of the marketing is done to the guard side of the activity). It also it one of the only designs that comes in what I guess we’re calling “Oatmeal Triblend”. Here’s the deal with that: The triblend is a cotton blend which means that it’s not going to absorb sweat quite as efficiently as the full cotton version. This is hands down (see these hands? They’re down) the best thing you could pick up today.


Turf Junkie Trumpet Unisex Tank Top - $25

I don’t know about you all, but I love this design. I love the ombre, I love the font, I love the graphic. And setting aside the, um, questionably questionable drug reference, the sentiment is super fun too. And, like I mentioned in the product spotlight for the March Trumpet Sweatshirt, it’s another example of a trumpet merch item that doesn’t have an aesthetic that is some weird blend of heavy metal and biking. It also comes in the four regular colors for the tank tops as well so we got options for ya!


Skeleton Cymbal Percussion Unisex Tank Top - $25

And last but not least, let’s really go out into left field, shall we? The “Skeleton Cymbal” design is beyond different. Created exclusively for MAM by a New York based independent artist who specializes in artwork for indie bands, we really wanted to offer a few designs that would be entirely different than anything else you’ve ever seen. Super soft, super comfy, this is the ultimate rehearsal tank for any cymbal member or cymbal line. Again, some quick and easy section shirts to really make this summer something fun and exciting!



Comment below, what's your favorite tank top we have? Wanna see more, just search "tank top" on the site and see the nearly 100 options we have available for you to choose from!

And don't forget to use code: FREESHIPPING at checkout to get free shipping on all orders over $50!

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