Fun Friday: End of Season Gift Guide for Winter Guard

So the winter season is winding down and you're looking at Amazon trying to find the best thing to give your coaches as a thank you. You're scrolling and scrolling and you just know you can't give them another collection of scented candles. So what do you do? Well, if you can't give them cold hard cash (which is secretly what we are all hoping for), then let's rundown our picks for a great end of season gift for any winter guard coach out there.


#1: Toss Your Fears Color Guard Unisex Sweatshirt - $35

What is that I hear? You're shocked I'm kicking this off with a sweater? Well then friend, someone isn't paying enough attention to these lists. I love sweaters. I love these sweaters. Being a sweater stan is essentially how I live my life. The "Toss Your Fears" sweater in particular I feel like is the perfect gift for the winter guard coaches out there. First off, it's that wonderful blend of modern comfort and nostalgic 90s design. For any of us who were children in the 90s (yes, I know, I'm revealing myself to be a millennial #livelaughlove), this font is instantly nostalgic. It brings about warm fuzzy feelings of Nickelodeon Saturday cartoons or the video games we'd play at the arcade in our local mall.


#2: Minimalist Color Guard Unisex Tank Top - $25

This one might seem a little random but hold up now let me explain. First of all, the "Minimalist Color Guard" design is nice and simple. Sure it is colorguard, but it isn't like, "HEY YOU OVER THERE YEA YOU CHECK THIS OUT I DO COLORGUARD ASK ME ABOUT COLORGUARD" which is basically the kinds of merch we all grew up with. Second, and I will talk about this more often than anyone would like, is options. This particular design comes in four colors. Don't like black? No worries friend, it also comes in red, blue, and the effortlessly subtle, white on white. There's something for everyone!


#3: Color Block Guard Color Guard Crop Sweatshirt - $40

This one right here is a classic. Well, as much of a classic as a classic can be for a company about a year old. Fun fact, this is also a design that yours truly made himself in those early days when I was throwing things together as best I could as someone who is not in anyway a graphic designer. Anywho, why a I recommending this one? Well I think it's a fair statement that guard coaches love a good crop top. Whether that be in their costumes or just their rehearsal wear, crop tops are everywhere. And the classic design on the mint crop sweater is just *chef's kiss*.


#4: One More Time Snapback Hat

I feel like this one doesn't require a world of explanation and the joke pretty much writes itself but since I can't in good conscious just throw this one up without even attempting to write something, here we go. This is the worst joke in color guard. Picture it: It's 105 degrees, your staff is standing under the only tree for miles to take advantage of the shade, you're about to pass out, you put every ounce of energy into what you were lead to believe is the final rep before those sweet sweet popsicles the band boosters are supplying for snack, and then it happens. Your flag tech looks at you, smiles in that way that you know what's about to happen but can't bring yourself to accept it, and utters those fateful words: "Alright guard, one more time..."


#5: Girls Just Wanna Have Guard Unisex Hoodie

Last, but certainly not least, I couldn't help but throw this one up. I promised myself at the beginning of this journey that I would limit myself to five times because no one needs to read my winter guard related ramblings on ten items but when I for to number 5 I still had a list of options. This is the one that beat them all out though. Maybe I'm old and so these references really only ring true for me but I'm willing to bet I'm just about the age of your coaches so, really, it makes sense. This brings me not only to the obvious Cyndi Lauper reference, but also the iconic "13 Going on 30" reference. And if you don't know what I am talking about, first of all, shame on you. Second, pick up this super cute sweater for your favorite tech and start a conversation about it! What a conversation starter.


What about you? What did I miss. Is there anything you plan on getting for your staff that you don't see on this list? Let us know! We may add it to a list in the future.

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