Fun Friday: What To Get The Winter Percussion Coach Who Already Has Everything

I feel like so much of what I've been writing lately has been about doom and gloom as we all introspect on how we engage with the marching arts world heading into what could very possibly be a "normal" band season after one of the most abnormal years in modern history. So, I thought "You know what, for Fun Friday let's talk about something not so end of the world". And that's what we have here! I went through the Winter Percussion Collection and picked out my five favorite things that, as an instructor, I would want to receive if I was teaching drums this year. No, these aren't necessarily our best sellers or ones I think would translate best. This is purely subjective. Welcome to my thought process.

#1: Drum Stick Head Percussion Unisex Sweatshirt - $35

We start off with surprisingly a sweater! Wow so different very inventive good work. One of my favorite things about designing for percussion is the simple fact that the threshold is acceptable weirdness is so low. Y’all really seem to love some weird stuff and I am completely on board. Our 2021 Winter Perc Collection included some amazing line art work and this one in particular I just like so much. The twisting lines reminiscent of metal sculpture with pops of color that really get drawn out against the simplicity of the art work.

And, with the general theming of the art, this particular design could work for any of your winter perc instructors. It follows a general “Winter Perc” theme so there isn’t any concern about picking up a bass sweater for a snare tech or a quad tank top for a pit tech. Anyone would be able to rock this sweater without the concern of accidently promoting a different section because that would be the end of the world. I don’t personally know anyone who would be offended if they got this in their end-of-season gift.


#2: Para Cruz Unisex Hoodie - $35

Is it just becoming a fun running joke to see how many times I include this design in these lists? Cause let me tell you, I’m still gonna. While the hoodie is by far the most popular option, this one comes across the widest selection of products on the website. I’m talking pillows, socks, hats, phone cases, fanny packs, and more. Just search “Para Cruz” in the search bar and see what you can find! Of everything on this list, this is probably the one that is the more, um, normal? No one would be disappointed here.

Here’s a general question in relation to this here: What kinds of products would you like to see be made available for this design? Let’s say hypothetically there is a chance that in the 20 items on the site you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. Comment below and recommend something new! What would like to see? The best answer will get their recommendation put live on site and receive it for FREE!


#3: Love Snare Percussion Unisex Long Sleeve Tee - $25

Here’s a fun little factoid for everyone: This was the first design that this designer made for the site. When we were initially talking about a partnership and deciding what the look would be, the Love Snare was the design he sent over that I absolutely fell in love with. You thought that Teddy Bass had personality, this thing really just jumps off the shirt. The big googley eyes, the heart head, the little shoes. There’s something about this guy that just makes me laugh.

It helps too that the shirt itself is supremely comfortable. Like most of our clothing options, our long sleeve shirts are also 100% spun cotton to provide the softest, most natural feeling possible. The ribbed cuffs provide much needed shape that not all long sleeves are going to provide so you won’t deal with that uncomfortable hang that happens. And as with all things, we provide a handy dandy sizing guide to make sure that you get the fit you are looking for (if you can work up the nerve to ask your staff for their measurements I guess or just like size someone with a similar build?)


#4: Anime Dut Percussion Snapback Hat - $25

Who doesn’t love a good “out of left field” suggestion every now and again. This Anime Dut snapback is definitely something different. As far as a percussion item this absolutely definitely mostly almost qualifies (It says “dut” on it). But most importantly, the striking embroidery on the natural color hat is going to be a stand out regardless. The shock of the light pink and the deep red of the lips really allow the design to pop.

Get something weird and different for your tech this year and get them something you know they would wear. Take it from me, every tech needs a go to rehearsal hat. I have one (and it’s also from here obviously) and I wear it every time I’m at rehearsal to keep the sun out of my eyes. And at only $25, it’s a steal. You know you’ve spent more on a coach’s gift for winter perc and gotten less.


#5: Line Bass Cymbal Percussion Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt - $20


Last but not least, welcome to the floor the Line Bass Cymbal design. Sure, it looks simple but there is so much going on here. The obvious with the “make beats not war” on the drum but if you look closely there are two lines of text underneath that reads:

“deafen the ears, yours and mine

noise is bliss”

That’s right. It’s a percussion t-shirt that includes modern percussion poetry on it. Where else, other than Marching Arts Merch, are you going to find that? We keep you guessing and keep pushing forward.


So, what about you? What are you planning on picking up for your staff this year? Anything I forgot to include. And don’t forget about seniors too! Make sure to send them off right!

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