Product Spotlight: Neon Teddy Cymbal Percussion Unisex Sweatshirt

Neon Teddy Cymbal Percussion Unisex Sweatshirt - $35

Every once in a while a design comes across my desk that really does something I never even thought was an option for marching band apparel. The "Neon Teddy Cymbal" popped up one day when working on the collection with one of our independent designers and, I don't know what it was. It just made me smile. So let's talk.

Why do we love this?

The thing that draws me to this percussion design the most is the obvious 80s/90s reference in the colors and the style. It reminds me of those images of that dance club that used to be in Disneyland. I know its a SUPER specific reference but does anyone else out there know about "Videopolis"? This really specific reference of a dance club that Disneyland opened in Anaheim to attract teenagers to the park in the evening. I know it sounds crazy but the second I saw this, my immediate reaction was, "This looks like something that would be sold in the 'Videopolis' gift shop". And that's not a negative to me.


Why do we think you'll love this?

So we already know that I am a crazy person and enjoy things because of their vague similarities to things that existed long ago. But if your brain doesn't see the world through the lens, then why would you want this? One of my favorite things about the product lines we offer is simple: Options! This sweater in particular has some of the most options with the sweater coming in not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different colors. Don't like the maroon? That's fine because it also comes in black, light blue, and white. You aren't trapped in the ye' old problem of being at a local marching band show, seeing a t-shirt design you love, and it only coming in, let's say, neon yellow. Never a problem at Marching Arts Merch cause if it doesn't have to be one, why would I let it be one?


So don't wait. Go pick up one today before it's gone! Cause you never know when the design will disappear forever.

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